Our Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and adhere to the Federal Privacy Laws of Canada.

When you submit an application online

You will note that we have a very limited application form. We do this on purpose to respect your privacy by limiting the information we receive about you. Only the most limited information is requested on our forms. It is only meant for us to review your situation before contacting you personally. We need to know how to contact you and what your basic Canada mortgage request is before we contact you. We do keep your basic information so we can place you on our email newsletter.

If you indicated ‘yes’ that you would like a turnaround consultant to contact you OR that you would like to improve your credit rating with credit improvement programs because you are suffering from ‘poor’ credit then your contact form will be sent to the 4 Pillars Consulting Group. A file will be set-up for you and you will be contacted by one of their friendly and professional consultants. They will advise you on how you can (1) pay off creditors (2) improve your credit rating and (3) if you have enough equity use our services as mortgage consultants to refinance your home.

After we arrange a mortgage for you

If after contacting you and we agree to arrange for your Canada mortgage financing we promise to take only the information required to satisfy the needs of the mortgage lender (and if applicable the insurer) to obtain your approval. Once your Canada mortgage is funded then we promise to reduce our information on you – to actually shred unneeded information – to the most basic amount that is required to satisfy the Registrar of Mortgage Brokers regulations. Any excess information that is not necessary for regulatory compliance will be shredded and destroyed. We will keep only your basic information so we can place you on our email newsletter and to service your Canada mortgage.

Servicing your Canada Mortgage

The nature of a Canada mortgage is that there comes a point in time when your Canada mortgage matures or your term expires. Or sometimes rates change that may effect you or your desire to remain in your current Canada mortgage agreement. We reserve the right to contact you to advise you of your maturity options, changes in the marketplace, or any other Canada mortgage product specials that may be of interest to you. Further if you ‘insure’ your Canada mortgage with insurance products such as critical illness, life and disability we will keep your information on file so that we can keep you informed on any changes in the financial services marketplace that may effect or be if interest you. If you do not wish your information kept, except where required by regulatory authorities, then just contact us to discuss your wishes. We would be happy to honour any privacy request that you give us.