Forms and Disclosure uses Gregory Stanley, a Canada mortgage consultant, as our expert in mortgage financing solutions in Canada. You can ask him questions (for free!) under the ‘Ask an Expert’ section or submit an online application directly to him.

Gregory Stanley is duly licensed, with Home n Work Mortgages Inc. to arrange for all your Canada mortgage financing needs – anywhere. He can arrange for your new home purchase, refinance, debt consolidation loan, and a Canada commercial mortgage refinance.

Gregory Stanley is unusual in the Canadian mortgage industry because he is also a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and can advise clients on investment matters. This helps you … because Gregory can see the ‘big picture’ when solving your mortgage financing challenges.

He has been in the financial services industry since 1983. He lives in beautiful Victoria, B.C. where his interests include sailing and flying as a private pilot and says that his proudest accomplishment in life is being a good parent.

Before any work is commenced by your personal mortgage consultant Gregory Stanley you will need to sign a completed (1) Client Agreement & Disclosure (2) Insurance Waiver/Request for coverage and (3) Mortgage Application.

The Client Agreement & Disclosure describes how Gregory Stanley is paid. If your mortgage financing is for a conventional Canada mortgage then no fees will be charged to you. Instead a lender will pay a finder’s fee to HomeNWork Mortgages Inc; of which Gregory Stanley will receive a portion of it. A conventional Canada mortgage is a first mortgage on your home and where your credit rating is average or better so the mortgage consultant can use mainstream lenders to get you the very best rate and terms.

A non-conventional Canada mortgage is one where your credit rating is poor which means you may need a multiple of solutions to solve a financing urgency. This may mean re-doing your 1st mortgage or arranging for a 2nd mortgage to consolidate debts. Often it involves private lenders where lender fees and/or mortgage broker fees may also be charged.

Whatever your financing need Gregory Stanley will always work to obtain the very best mortgage deal possible in your given situation.