Refinancing Canada Mortgages

Debt Consolidation Loans & Home Equity Loans

When people speak of a Canada mortgage refinance they usually mean that they need to refinance their homes to either pay off some bills or they have a mortgage maturing and wish to shop the market for another lender for a better and lowest Canada mortgage rate.

A Canada mortgage refinance is a good time to take a moment and consider what money needs will be occurring over the next 5 years.

  • Are there high interest credit cards that should be paid down?
  • A new roof needed?
  • Is there a need to replace the family car?
  • Vacation?
  • Topping up a RSP to reduce CCRA income taxes payable?

It is more expensive to get a mortgage and then, a year later, find out that you should of set aside an extra ten grand for an important and necessary purchase. Why? Because you end up buying it anyway � but unfortunately most people will use a high interest bearing credit card to do it. It would be better to add into the Canada mortgage refinance or Canadian home equity loan enough funds to do the things you need to get done.

The same logic is used for the best Canadian debt consolidation loan. You want to make sure you not only pay off all the bills that are worrying you today but also the ones that are soon coming around corner. You only want to do a Canada debt consolidation loan or Canadian debt consolidation loan once. So it is important to speak to an expert Canada mortgage broker to help you determine the size of loan that you will need.

If the purpose is pay off bills most people will borrow up to a certain percentage of the appraised value of their home. The size of the percentage is determined by creditworthiness. If credit is poor then Canadian home equity loan is still possible but it is usually done through a private lender.