When your Credit ‘ROCKS’ … We ROCK too!

Everyday we are approached with ‘seat sale’ mortgage rates and products. Nobody can beat us in the business. Absolutely nobody.

There will be lender specials that will blow your socks off. We can’t put them here because they change so frequently. Gregory Stanley, your personal mortgage consultant, will call you and discuss both interest rates and mortgage terms offered.

Gregory Stanley will personally call you and discuss rates and best products possible. We always secure the best rates for all our clients. All you have to do is fill out the ‘mortgage application’ request and send it in. It allows us to ‘take a look at you’ credit report wise and with ‘what’ you are looking for in financing (house purchase, refinance etc…)

There will NOT be any mortgage consultant fees or lender fees.

Fill out the application on the left today and we’ll call you within just 1 to 2 hours. No need to go anywhere else!