Average Credit Mortgages in Canada

The good news is that we do not charge any mortgage consultant fees for any conventional residential Canada mortgage.

In lending terms we are looking for a ‘beacon score’ on your credit report that is 600 points or better.. Learn about Beacon Scores

Sometimes there are many debts that need to be consolidated and more work is needed to be done by your Canada mortgage consultant to find an appropriate lender. Your credit is average but your financial situation may be really poor. The sky has not fallen yet … but you think it soon will be … so you may require private mortgage financing to solve your financial problems.

Such mortgage loans are commonly called second mortgage loans or private mortgage loans and they are arranged with non institutional lenders or specialty lenders. Such lenders deal in the hard cases. In such cases fees may be applicable. No fees are charged without prior agreement and absolutely no fees are charged if we can not obtain the rate and terms of mortgage that we promise you.

Only by looking at your application can we really tell your financial picture. But we can solve your Canada mortgage needs. Fill out the application on the left today and we’ll call you within a couple of hours.