Gregory Stanley, CFP CSEC

Gregory Stanley, CFP CSEC

Mortgage Broker, Certified Financial Planner

Gregory Stanley CFP CSEC, is both a licensed Mortgage Broker and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) whose advice is very much sought after all across Canada. He has conducted many seminars for seniors, seminars for Advisors, a contributing Money Column writer for senior publications, and even been on the Daily Edition television show to help Canadians plan their retirement. Two term – past director for the Parents Who Care Society (providing financial solutions to families that needed help) all Pro-Bono. He understands the financial needs of people – the ones that have money (that can lend to others) and the ones that need money (borrowers pay off debt and improve cash flow). He wants to help you. Give him a call today.

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We are a Canadaian mortgage brokerage and available to help you with all your RESIDENTIAL (home) and COMMERCIAL (work) lending needs.

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